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Why Co-ops?

By shopping at and joining the Crow Wing Food Co-op, you support local farmers, put your food dollars right back into the local community, and ensure that the food you eat and serve to your family is fresh, clean, and healthy. Co-ops purchase locally grown foods directly from farmers and growers, right in our community and region. When we’re deep in winter and food-growing is difficult in Minnesota, the co-op sources from regional and national growers and producers that share our commitment to responsible growing and sustainable production methods.

Why buying fresh, local, organic, healthy food is an important choice one can make to invest in the health and vitality of rural Minnesota and the people we love.

Hear from a local grower on why she grows naturally, and why your support is essential for her business and a powerful re-investment in our community.


Everyone is welcome at Crow Wing Food Co-op, but joining as a new member-owner helps us grow and invest in a strong, bigger Co-op to serve member-owners and our community.
  • New member-owners pay $150 in membership dues, which can be paid all at once or installments.
  • No annual fee; this is a lifetime membership!
  • Members can volunteer on the board of directors (board members receive a 20% discount in the Co-op!).
  • Members receive:
    1. 1) access to monthly sales in-store
    2. 2) a 5% discount once per month (off your entire purchase!), discounted special orders, and
    3. 3) access to special members-only communications and events.
  • Plus, members get the warm-fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re part of something bigger, something great for our community, something that members own and run, together.


Q: Why should I choose to become an Owner?
A: There are a wealth of benefits to being an owner!

  • Discounted special ordering
  • Ability to request products
  • Owner specials
  • Discounted or free admission to Co-op sponsored events
  • A vote in the CWFC Board elections
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Benefit of supporting a locally-owned, independent business
  • Support for a community resource

Q: How can I become a member?
A: Stop by the store to fill out an Owner/member form. Remember, the membership fee is $150 and is due at the time of becoming a member. You are also welcome to print out the form here and send it to CWFC, along with payment in full.

Q: Why do you keep calling me an ‘owner’ when I used to be a ‘member’?
A: Because that’s what you are! A Co-op, by definition, is a business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. The $150 you pay to join the Co-op buys you four shares of ownership in the Co-op and a voice in how the Co-op is run. So, Thanks, Owner!

We can’t thank you enough for your continued loyalty and support!