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Why Co-ops?

A food co-op is an independent grocery store owned and governed by its members, who share the profits and benefits. Co-ops help communities and economies grow stronger by keeping local dollars moving through local businesses, connecting local eaters with local farmers and food producers, who then turn around and purchase tools and supplies at other local businesses to fuel their operations. Co-ops keep local dollars moving through the local economy.

Dollars spent at a cooperatively owned grocery store reverberate through local economies to a greater extent than dollars spent at national chain groceries; a recent study found that, for every $1,000 spent at a local food cooperative, $1,604 of economic activity is generated in the local economy (compared to $1,360 generated by $1,000 of sales at a conventional grocer).

You can support the expansion of Crow Wing Food Co-op!

Help us bring more healthy and locally grown food—and a deli and smoothie bar full of healthy quick meal options into the heart of Downtown Brainerd.

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